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Experienced Chief of Innovation skilled in driving results through strategic partnerships, continuous innovation practices, and technology development. Specializes in nationwide and federal election technology and commercial marketing.

Work Experience

2023- Present

Digital Marketing Instructor

Cumberland College - Canada

Seasoned in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, I bring a wealth of real-world expertise to the classroom. As a digital marketing strategy instructor, I blend theory with practical insights, empowering students to navigate the intricacies of SEO, social media, content marketing, and beyond. With a focus on industry trends and hands-on exercises, I cultivate a dynamic learning environment where students develop the skills needed to excel in today’s competitive digital sphere.

2020 - 2022

Chief Marketing Strategist

Jump Marketing - Mexico

Lead dynamic campaigns driving brand success. Expert in market dynamics, I craft innovative strategies delivering tangible results. Using data-driven insights, I forge connections that captivate audiences in the digital age.

2014 - 2020

Chief Innovation Officer

Ojiva Consultores - Mexico

 I spearhead groundbreaking strategies at the intersection of technology and politics. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and analytics, I drive impactful messaging and engagement strategies across diverse global landscapes. From pioneering digital outreach to harnessing emerging platforms, I redefine political campaigning for the digital age, shaping the future of international political discourse.

2017 - 2020

Chief Technology Officer

Capisci - USA

Strategic technological advancements that fuel business success. With a proven track record in leveraging innovation to drive efficiency and competitiveness, I oversee the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions. From infrastructure optimization to product development, I align technology with business objectives, ensuring seamless integration and sustainable growth.

2012 - 2014

Human Rights Consultar Protection Officer

Mexican Consulate of Mexico in Indianapolis- USA

I ensured the safety and rights of individuals in crisis. With diplomatic finesse, I navigate complex situations to provide essential support and advocacy, ensuring access to justice worldwide.


2013 - 2023

Founder | Board Member

Jovenes Iberoamericanos

2017 - 2020

Business Mentor

Hult Prize

2013 - 2019

Coordinator | Business Coach

Startup Weekend by Google For Entrepreneurs

2011 - 2013

Social Project Consultant

Startup Weekend by Google For Entrepreneurs

2009 - 2016

Active member | Community Coordinator

Tequila Valley

2007 - 2011

Student Branch Chairman

Institute For Electric and Electronical Engineers (IEEE)


Divi Product Launch

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Divi Product Launch

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Divi Product Launch

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Divi Product Launch

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